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Convert 18 cat years to human years

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In fact, canine aging is much more rapid during the first 2 years of a dog’s life. After...Bichon Frise Information Station serving the worldwide Bichon Frise community EDUCATIONAL section: HOME: THANKSGIVING TIME CAUTIONARIES Please be vigilant of these.With the Dog Age Calculator, you can easily find out the age of your dog in human years.

Dog Years

Lifespan of a Dog: A Dog Years Chart by Breed

Compared to humans, rats have a brief,. 18 years (social maturity) 12 months. 1 year. 30 years. 18 months.

Note: For the first two years, a dog year is equal to 10.5 human years.This calculator will approximate the age of a horse in equivilent human years.

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A popular misconception is that dogs age 7 years for each calendar year.

How old is a rat in human years?

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Ages and Stages - The Cat Age to Human Age Comparison

Cats Age Conversion Chart. Cat Years. Human. 17. 84. 18. 88.

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How many rabbit years are in one human. 75 years and a human is generally considered fully grown by about 18 - 20 years.The online Cat Years Calculator is used to convert cat years to human years.

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Aging in cats (Redirected from Cat years) To date, reliable information on the lifespans of domestic cats is varied and relatively scant.A good approach to convert dog-years to human-years is to. but we do have an article on some of the cat.

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You can also find out your age in cat years with the Cat Age Calculator.Generally, a dog of six has aged about as much as a 45-year-old human.